ReactiveCocoa Book Published!

Today is the day I publish my very first book. It is about ReactiveCocoa. A framework that I use in my day-to-day iOS development and enjoy using it immensely!

Feel free to head out to the book's landing page on LeanPub and be sure to have a look at free chapters of the book. Hopefully they will convince you that this book is written in an approachable manner.

I have to confess though. It's been a while since I sat down to write at least a couple of hundred words for the book. I decided to stop postponing the writing process and publish the unfinished copy. Right now I am putting up a plan including weekly updates on how to finish the book.

And I can guarantee you that everyone who buys the book will receive an update for ReactiveSwift 2 and ReactiveCocoa 6 that are due to release some time in spring along with Swift 3.1.

Here's a link again: ReactiveCocoa Book. If you are still considering whether you should buy it - remember LeanPub has 45 days money-back guarantee no questions asked!